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Trouble using features

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Arlo are the worse! Spent 6 plus hours on the phone and still didn’t resolve the problem.

I have more than 3 cases that were escalated and never received a response or email. In the end I am not able to use advertised features that were selling points for the system.

When I did get to talk to a Rep I was also told of a firmware issue, but ask the Rep that the system updates automatically and the Rep just pushed back using the Arlo play book. Then he wanted me to change the detection % to 50%, and a waste of time. The camera would not stop detecting shadows. He got smart with me and said it had to be paid to get help. I called back and asked for a Supervisor and was informed that they were in a meeting and unable to speak to me. He never understood the problem.

I asked if one could call me back and it never happened. Now I have a useless system that is only working part time. I instantly grew suspicious I this how Arlo gets you? If you choose to just buy the camera and use their "free" rolling 7-day cloud storage, here's how they get their money back...Let the customer buy no subscription. But we'll get them later by creating these errors. But don't worry, the customer is likely not technically savvy enough to understand that the errors are fake. We will then instill panic into the customers by telling them that someone is trying to hack into their camera. We will then charge these non-subscription-paying customers to remove the errors. Customers will either a) pay the $49.99 fix fee or b) buy a subscription.

I am tired of calling, emailing nobody listens, from what the community forum says, Arlo Pro 3 Cameras work fine, but Arlo ultra does not. If something is not done soon to fix this problem, I am filing a complaint with the FTC.  Now that the community has spoken about on-going issues with Arlo ultra-cameras reliability in detecting motion, running battery’s down and no notification when system is down it seems the next action is to file a complaint?

Don't write letters to Corporate, they are given back to support to call and discuss the problems, the person that tried didn't understand the letter let alone able to discuss the problem and suggest a fix. I have at least 4 open problems, none resolved.

A class action lawsuit has already been filed. The video quality is not even 720p. I called the Arlo support and they went through all of the steps However, the issue has not been resolved. The quality of the video is a joke on these 4K UHDs. I have never managed to view anything even resembling 1080p. 95% percent of the time the video is a splotchy mess. Cameras are within 10 feet of base station.

Night Vision - awful. It’s very difficult to see anything after sunset. Color makes no difference. Almost unusable in night mode.

Battery - not great either.

Spotlight - works but isn’t very bright nor does it improve video quality.

 False positives - lots of these, mainly due to the sun.

4K - not very good quality. It’s impossible to make out any facial features even if they are directly in front of the camera. Unable to display license plate numbers.

IOS app - sluggish and glitch. If you select recordings in the library and then hit the delete button it can be non-responsive. Takes multiple taps to finally get the files to delete.

Auto-zoom - it will not record in 4K with auto/zoom enabled. Given the low quality of 4K any setting of lesser quality would make it unusable so this feature is useless.

I’m very disappointed with this camera. It seems like Arlo/Netgear rushed this to market without properly testing it.

The "Ultra" cameras are 100% garbage, there are completely unreliable. The motion detection is really bad, and they eat through batteries so I have to charge them every month. Even when keeping them charged, the Ultras randomly disconnect from the base station and quit working. One camera is less than 20 ft. from the base station and feels like I would have been better off flushing $300 down the toilet than buying this camera. I recommend you avoid making the mistake of wasting your money on them. It is hard to find anything good to write about the Arlo Ultra wire-free camera.

Arlo pulled the Ultra back launch of the product April 2019 due to numerous complains on the performance of the product (Wireless connectivity, battery life, and the ability to successfully steam in 4k). The problem was Arlo never did the proper testing and Quality Control before the release of the product. There is also numerous complaints on the net of unhappy customer’s.

No one in their right mind would want another ultra as a replacement due to all the problems they have. Just sent me a Pro 3 as the replacement, even with some of its issues they do work in The AZ weather.


Will post this letter at every agency possible and a lawyer. Bottom line you lie in your advertising and you had to come out with the ultra 2 due to the poor design of the ultra, so you screwed the customer’s.

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

HI @kmnosek


Do you happen to have the case numbers so I can review these?


Thank you



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