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So yesterday afternoon my wife noticed there were no vids even though people had been in and out all day. This is an Arlo VMB5000 and a number of Arlo pros, Android App version 3.6.9_28472 released 08/30/22


It turns out the schedule is no longer working such that instead of having the scheduled mode on, it shows "Disarmed". And it is indeed disarmed with no vids. Turning a specific mode on does work.


I changed nothing prior and the schedule and all modes have not changed for years, it just suddenly stopped working. What's going on Arlo?


I'll add that the Schedule showed disarmed on both mine and my wife's phone so this is likely a back end thing rather than hardware or app.

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  • JamesC
    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    The development team has identified the issue and is working on a resolution. For those that may be interested in testing the fix, please reach out to me in a private message and we can get started on the next steps. This will involve new firmware that we expect to be available to start testing early next week.


    While we work to resolve this issue, we recommend that users experiencing this behavior manually set their system to "Armed" or "Disarmed" as desired and not use schedule until the fix is available.




@Dannybear thank you for your support. 


I'm not sure how the custom mode got corrupted but after dkinf some trial and error fixes that was the only thing that made any sense. However, it was just on the web based program which I do not use very often.  I'm just glad it's working properly again.