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Let’s Compare 1080p from Ultra cams to the Pro 2

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zincyellowcobra Luminary

I am still waiting for customer care to get back to me on fixing my Arlo subscription. As I am still trying to decide whether to keep the Ultra cams or return to the store, I want to test, compare, etc.


As I can no longer record to the cloud in 4K, I thought I would spend time comparing the 1080p videos from the Arlo Ultra cams against 1080p videos from the Arlo Pro 2 cams. I’ve got to say that the Pro 2 cams win every time. Hands down. Why bother with 1080p cloud recordings if you cough up the cash for the new Ultra? Based on side by side comparisons, the Ultra 1080p quality is far below that of the Arlo Pro 2 cams. Below is one comparison. You really need to purchase the PVR add-on to have 4K cloud recordings or it’s a complete waste of money to buy the new Ultra cameras. If you aren’t willing to pay for PVR, save yourself some dough, stick with Pro 2. I guess you could continually live stream to see 4K or constantly run to SmartHub and pull the SDHC card, run back to computer in order to see your 4K recordings. Sounds like a painful and ineffective way to take advantage of Ultra cams 4K capability. 


I would really like to make use of the extra 100 bucks I paid on Thursday for Premium Video Recording on 4 Ultra cams.  Why can customer care act quickly? All I ask is for the PVR plan to show up in my subscription so I can use the subscription I paid for. 







BestBuyGuy Apprentice

The rate of these returning to my local Best Buy store is like nothing I've ever seen before. There have been some products that have been lemons in the past (last being a certain run of Toshiba tv's bad from the factory), but the return rate of the Ultra has been breaking new records. Most all are from people who pre-ordered under misconceived notions as to what it offered for features. The lack of free 7 day cloud storage after the first year and horrendous performance are the reasons why.