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Feeling pretty ripped off by the Ultra lineup.


Its a 4K camera... but if you want 4k you have to pay more???

Its like selling you my beach house then saying its not really on the beach but has the potential if you pay a service to have the land excavated... Um, no

"Color night Vision" lol. you mean regular night vision with a light.

"Crystal clear".. nope, pixelated, distorted, and not recorded

"180 view" ... what good is a view if your motion detection doesn't work at the edges or within the view. My cameras are only detecting motion 5-10 feet in front of the dead center of the camera.

Even on your advertisement page you state all images are simulations... So you cant even show your actual results? That should have been a red flag.

I will pick up my new Arlo Ultra kit today and report back after a few days. Hopefully most issues have been sorted out. I'm in Australia and noticed a local retailer just changed from pre-order status to stock available.