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Can’t go wrong with ultra!

Since you can buy Arlo on the website now there still is no place for reviews other than here. Let me say my ultras came in super handy tonight and realized how powerful they truly are for being battery powered. Long story short police were able to find a man using the info from video of the ultra with color night vision in less than 2 minutes around the neighborhood. Turns out that the guy worked for a repo and he was just looking for cars but now I have peace of mind going to sleep because it looked really suspicious how he was walking around my house. So thank you Arlo ultra and to anyone looking at getting it do not hesitate! The police man even said that’s a great system you have there because how detailed the video was!
Model: VMS5240 | Arlo Ultra 2 Camera Kit
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Re: Can’t go wrong with ultra!

How did you keep your Ultra cameras recording to the library after the July 29 update that has taken that ability from many of us other Ultra users?
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