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Arlo Ultra motion detection distance and how many cams per new hub

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dreday Initiate

Can't seem to find this information yet.


For the new Arlo Ultra will the motion detection distance be the same or better than Arlo Pro 2?  Since it fits the current security mounts I am wondering if my motion detection distances will be messed up and I'll have to move mounts if I were to swap current Pro 2's for Ultra?


Also for the new hub, I can't seem to find any details on how many cams can be used on a single hub.  Some of the subscription service levels are up to 10 or 20 cameras, but no mention of how many hubs would be needed to support that.  If more than one hub is needed to support multiple cameras can the hubs be linked to show up together?



Master steve_t Master

A few reports say the Ultra is about the same if not a little less range on the motion detection.
You cannot use your existing mounts for the Arlo Ultra as the Ultra mounts now have the magnet rather than the camera.
You only need one hub for up to 20 cameras but you can use more than one hub if you need to extend your coverage range

Master st_shaw Master


If you are using a threaded Pro2 mount I think you should be able to re-use it for the Ultras. You cannot re-use the magnetic mounts.

Master steve_t Master

Oh yeah. Good point. Sorry, my bad if you're using the mounts that screw in