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Arlo Ultra Night time Face Recognition

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ThePodhalan Tutor

I had an attempting breaking to my car two nights ago at 2AM and my existing Nest Outdoor IQ setup ended being quite useless. I got Arlo Ultra, paid for 4K subscription, it is slightly better because the integration of spotlight and recording footage in 4K vs 1080p of Nest. My problem is that I still cant make us the facial features. The camera mounted to a tree 8-10 feet from a driveway. See the attached screenshot. It is high res so I could not upload it directly becuase forum has 3 mb limit (plz fix it btw). Any suggestions how to improve night time picture quality? HDR and Night Vision is on. Spotlight is on the strongest settings. Video quality is set to the highest.



Model: VMS5240 | Arlo Ultra 2 Camera Kit