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Re: Arlo Pro 2

I’m having a problem with my Geofencing😖. It has worked fine in the past (so I know how to use it) but now for some apparent reason it won’t disarm my system when I return to my “Home Zone”. It stays in the “Armed” mode when I walk in the house. I can’t figure out what went wrong. Anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks.
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Arlo Pro 2

1. Reset the base.

2. resync each camera

3. open a beer.

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Re: Arlo Pro 2

Just one?

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Re: Arlo Pro 2

Just to advise I did no resetting, no re-syncing, nothing. Just left Arlo Pro 5 cameras system as it was. Recordings seemed to continue throughout albeit notifications didn’t. But even they seem to be ok again now and my missus is also now receiving them on her secondary account.

So for the time being all seems well again.
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Re: Motion Detection during 8 am and 9:30 am PST on 5/19/18

Wow! Had to make an entirely different account here! The other day I got an email from arlo explaining a possible hack and they said to change my password, done. No recordings for two days so checked arlo to find out  it's offlline once again! Tried logging into this community and it said incorrect password! Arlo isn't accepting my old or new password and I know for a fact it's correct! 

So now what am I supposed to do? Can't get into my original account to do anything!!! Can't change anything having to do with my camera!  My original is chevymama. 

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Re: Motion Detection during 8 am and 9:30 am PST on 5/19/18

Ok got the password stuff all fixed, had to directly say I forgot it and start all over. ( It was correct) anyone else get the email about the hack and to change your password? For some reason, that messed it up and couldn't sign in. 

Noticed where it says firmware, it was blank so reinstalled it, now it's 1.21 

Camera is back to the same crap it has been for the past few weeks, not working! It hasn't worked since Saturday. What's up? Thought it was fixed? 

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Re: Arlo Pro 2

I think everything that's worked in the past is no longer working. It's been really quiet, I thought all was well until I checked mine today after a few days of's down! 

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Re: Arlo Pro 2

Hallo all,
I have a solution to all of theese issues, i have tryed it the last couple of days and seams to be the best possible fix at the moment. The solution is to downgrade the app to v2.4.9. (Or witch you preferencer)
I automaticly Got v2.5.0 because i had autoupdate apps turned ON on my iphone, and that day my app was Updated, all mention problems came to my attention.

So I am NOT sure that Android users have the same issues, but this fix Will indeed help IOS users. The problems i had with arlo app v2.5.0 AND v2.5.1 was:

- Still having Sound from live view, After the live view was pauses.
- cant slide thrugh videos in arcive when the Phone was horizontal.
- geofence dont work.
- push notifikations dont work.
- cant connect to live view 30-40% of the times tryed.
- app crashed.
- recorded videoes time stamp was wrong.
- camera serial number shown instead of camera name in recorded videos.
- Monday Dont work in weekend plan.
- mode tab does not work with shared accounts.
- and worst of all, the support from netgear trying to fix all above issues with a arlo hardware reset, or app reinstall to v2.5.0 or v2.5.1....

So This fix helps on ALL of above issues, but downgrading IOS apps is not an easy task, and is allmost impossile for people with no computer programming skills, so this is why i Will make you guys a youtube video tomorow showing you exactly how to downgrade the app to the version you find the best. I my self, downgraded to v2.4.9 but i am not shure this is the best version, so if you have an oppinion, witch version is best, please tell me, and i Will make the app (version) available for you guys. Getting old versions is not easy from the app store, but i Can do the “hacking” and the release the app version for download to you guys, so that you guys Can put the exact arlo app version that you want on your ios device again until netgear releases a version that works again. Please note, that this operation requires only ITunes, your ios device and a data cable from device to computer, and takes around 3 minutters to complete. It does not include Any illegal “hacking” in app store, and does NOT require a jailbroken IOS device.

Please let me know what version app do you guys preffere, and i Will make the video for you guys tomorrow.

Best regards
Jet another unsaticfyed Arlo costurmer. The owner of 12 camera, 4 basestations, 2 solarpanel chargers, 4 Extra batterys and 1 double battery charger. With a total value above $4300 in Denmark. TOTAL useless with app > v2.5.0 and netgear support dont give a

Model: VMC4030P| Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free | Web Site/App
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Re: Arlo Pro 2

Here is a solution guys.....
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Re: Motion Detection during 8 am and 9:30 am PST on 5/19/18

So I did the iOS update to fix all the bugs ARLO created (the update was done halfass).  Motion is working and the schedule is working somewhat but, Monday still doesn't appear on the schedule.  It does work but, I can't add to Monday's schedule and Saturday and Sunday I can't change at all.  In addition, my base station while under "schedule" is armed when I want it to be however, the base station is showing disarmed.  Why?  ARLO FIX THIS AND STOP SENDING OUT HALFASS UPDATES THAT ONLY CONTINUE TO FRUSTRATE YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!!!  You might want to get some engineering consultants in to help because it's obvious your software engineers have no idea what they're doing. 

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Re: Motion Detection during 8 am and 9:30 am PST on 5/19/18

I too am still experiencing issues with the Schedule working properly. It seems that motion is detected sometimes, but not other times. No motion, no video saved. If I set it to Armed, instead of schedule, everything seems to work well, as best I can tell.


Please Netgear/Arlo Support, make an official statement so we aren't all imagining these issues. Some communication is better than no communication. Extrememly frustrating with zero communication.

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Re: Motion Detection during 8 am and 9:30 am PST on 5/19/18

Has Netgear made any announcements about these issues? Is there another thread to find more info since Netgear doesn't seem to monitor this thread, or flat just doesn't care to keep us informed.


I'm still experiencing scheduling issues. I may, or may not, get motion alerts and videos. It appears to work for a couple hours after I turn the schedule ON and the specific active time is reached, but then alerts and videos stop at some point. I can't narrow down the time frame when they stop since motion is less apparent anyway during the active time. It used to work flawlessly before the app update a month ago.


I've now resorted to arming and disarming manually untill Netgear comes out with a fix. I ocassionally try the schedule every few days to see if it's been fixed with an automatic app download, but it hasn't.


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Re: Motion Detection during 8 am and 9:30 am PST on 5/19/18

I've been using the web client to ensure any changes to modes, rules and schedule are correct. If you need to, use a mobile browser set to use the desktop version of the site - it's really only live view that won't work.

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Re: Motion Detection during 8 am and 9:30 am PST on 5/19/18

I updated the Arlo app to v2.5.3 and the SCHEDULE still wasn't working all the time. For some strange reason, I think the SCHEDULE was working during PM hours, but not AM hours. I could be mistaken as I didn't make notes about this the past week.


I also updated the Arlo app to v2.5.4 and the same issues with SCHEDULE are still apparent.


I've deleted and re-added all the schedules twice the past week and didn't fix it.


I've been manually using the ARMED mode.


I still think my issues with the SCHEDULE started when the firmware was automatically updated on the Arlo base station and camera 5-6 weeks ago.


Are others still having issues with the SCHEDULE mode?


NOTE: I have been using both the Arlo iOS app, and Friefox and Chrome Mac browsers to test the SCHEDULE mode. Same issues no matter what source I use to toggle the SCHEDULE mode on.

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Re: Arlo Pro 2

@Roccote57 wrote:

1. Reset the base.

2. resync each camera

3. open a beer.

I have an issue with my iTunes account when I going to log in this thing I have an issue of my iTunes account that is iTunes error 0xe8000015 and I don't know how to remove this error and getting log in into my iTunes account.

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