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Re: Announcing the New Audio Doorbell and Chime!

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Arlo Employee Retired

Today we announced the all-new Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime, built to work as a smart audio doorbell solution or to pair with Arlo wire-free cameras or Arlo smart light for a more complete view of the entryway. For more information on the Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime, see our doorbell announcement and press release


We encourage you to post questions on our Doorbell community forum page regarding this exciting announcement. We'd love to chat with you about our new Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime!




openwheelracing Initiate

without a camera, I don't see the point of this product.

Wklovelace3 Virtuoso
Exactly. Not interested. Not up to par with the ring doorbell camera
Nethalite Apprentice
having this means you would need a camera set up at the door. Kind of pointless since there was a thread suggesting you guys at arlo on releasing a doorbell camera. I don't know how the audio doorbell idea got more popular than the camera doorbell??? Well I guess people will be buying third party doorbell cameras or porch light cameras. .
Guru jguerdat Guru

I already have a porch camera. Why would I want another one in the dorrbell, making it bigger? Yes, not everyone has a porch camera but a lot of Arlo users do.

Master Streak2 Master

I also like the fact that having the door bell separate from the camera/s allows me to have any view I choose and not the one determined by the location of the door bell.

Being able to have a light trigger at the same is an added bonus.

guruswamy Aspirant

 The door bell should be incorporated in the Arlo pro with very little modifications.Whey does netgear not market CCTV systems in India agressively.There is a huge market and most of them do not like china make because of its poor quality.Also china items need to be boycotted.Set up a manufacturing base and see the demand rise.

KamBo Initiate
Really can’t understand that even after so many customers requesting an Arlo camera doorbell you guys have come up with this audio only gimmick. Very disappointed after years of waiting for something clever from you guys. If anything you guys should have come back with two option at least. With and without camera. What’s your next step now?
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