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Want to set camera in window

I want to set my camera in the window facing outside, but at night the only picture I get is the screen.  I have a Faleem Ip camera that works ok.  What is the difference?

Model: VMS3330|Arlo Smart Home
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Re: Want to set camera in window

First, the camera won't detect motion through glass so it's a lost cause for anything other than live viewing. Second, it's a very wide angle lens which has great depth of field - the specs here show focus from 2 feet to infinity. The screen is likely closer than that but is still close enough to be seen - a longer focal length (less than 110 degrees FOV) will give less depth of field and the focal point probably is further away from the camera. All of these factors get you the screen and there's nothing you can do about it other than to mount the camera outdoors where all of these issues go away.

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