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Some help required please. I have 10 cameras with 8 on plan but getting "subscription is required"?

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I have had an original Arlo wireless 4 camera set up running through a VMB3000 base station for about 5 years now. I also have 5 Arlo Q wired cameras (not requiring a base station). Recently I decided to upgrade my original cameras so I bought a Pro3 floodlight and 2 Pro 4's (none which require a base station). As I had a subscription service with 9 cameras (the original Elite service allowed up to 10 cameras for $99/yr) from a few years back I wasn't hassled to change the service. However when I added on these new cameras I was advised that they needed to be added to a new plan. So I checked out the new plan and decided I was going to economize on the amount of cameras I was using. So I signed up to the 5 camera premier plan ($9.99) and actually added 3 more cams as discounted individual cameras ($1.49 per cam instead of $2.99,), total 8 cams and $14.46 per month plus tax. 


Ok, with me so far? So, I have 10 cameras with 8 on a plan (2 original Arlo wireless cameras I can view on the app but they are not part of my Smart plan so no smart stuff). I have now decided to add another old Arlo wireless camera as a view only but now this camera says I need a Smart Plan to be able to see the feed.


So, is this something to do with a 10 camera limit even though I am paying for 8? I can see 10 cameras but the 11th is a no-no as it says "an subscription is required to activate the device"! Any advice on this?


I did try to add this camera to my subscription but it does not let me do that on the 'Manage Cameras' section of the website subscription page. It wants to charge me $2.99 instead of $1.49 which is the discounted rate for additional single cameras for people with a multi camera plan.


I am stuck! Any help in untangling this would be gratefully accepted.

Arlo Employee Retired

Hi ValleNorte,


I would suggest for you to contact the Support Team to have them further assist you. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.