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Smart Notification Delay in Arlo Pro 2

I recently bought an Alro system and having issues with smart notification.

Base Model : VMB 4000r3


Phone : Iphone XS MAX - iOS  -12.1.2 and latest Arlo App


With basic plan the push notifications are not delayed at all and receiving within 5 seconds. I have more than 5 cameras so I use the Smart premium subscription. As soon as I got the subscrition the push notifications were delayed to come. I have tried removing the cameras from the smart notification list and still the push notifications are delayed around 1 minute. Is there any solution for this issue. Thanks 

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Re: Smart Notification Delay in Arlo Pro 2

Unfortunately there is no fix other than unsubscribing from Arlo Smart altogether. The Smart feature introduces significant delay to the notifications and Arlo seems to be unable/unwilling to do anything about it.

I bought my cameras partly to communicate with delivery people who leave packages in my driveway. It’s funny because by the time I get a notification the guy is gone and by the time I activate two-way audio he is miles away.

Arlo is great for seeing what “happened” but in terms of doing anything live, it’s a waste of time
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Community Manager

Re: Smart Notification Delay in Arlo Pro 2



A slight delay is normal behavior. Alerts are not instantaneous because the video is being analyzed by the Arlo Cloud service. After the analysis, an alert is pushed only if it is relevant based on your Arlo Smart settings.



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Re: Smart Notification Delay in Arlo Pro 2


I think the point here is we are going beyond a “slight delay”. I would call the notifications without Arlo Smart coming through with a slight delay (a few seconds). With Arlo a Smart, it is a substainial delay to the point of it impacting the functionality of the system. Arlo definitely needs to improve its backend systems.
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Re: Smart Notification Delay in Arlo Pro 2

There is a new update for the iOS arlo app. Could we expect a solution ?
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Re: Smart Notification Delay in Arlo Pro 2

The issue is with Arlo’s cloud servers that process the Person detection etc. Unfortunately the iOS app cannot fix the issue.

In reality there may be no way for Arlo to reduce the delay to the point of it being useful for live interaction. The video needs to be sent to the server, analysed and then a notification sent., all of which takes time.

If this is the case I see two solutions. The longer term solution would be to release a base station that has the capability of processing Arlo Smart notifications without the cloud servers.

The simpler solution would be for Arlo to allow the user to turn on multiple notifications. The user initially receives a notification without using Arlo Smart indicating that motion is detected. A follow up notification is then sent saying that the previous motion detected was say, a person. If you could add this option on a per camera basis is would be useful.
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Re: Smart Notification Delay in Arlo Pro 2

I've never gotten a "small" delay. My notifications will typically take 10 mins or so to arrive. I'll probably just cancel smart and live with the additional false positives since smart recognizes almost anything as a person now. It's a shame, the service was very good in the first month or so.

Model: VMB4000 | Arlo Pro/Pro2 Base Station
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Arlo Moderator

Re: Smart Notification Delay in Arlo Pro 2



  Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support

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Re: Smart Notification Delay in Arlo Pro 2

I have not on this particular issue, but have little faith in Arlo technical support.

I have another smart notification issue I sent to technical support a few months ago and can’t even get them to reply to my emails. The issue still persists.
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