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Resolution Reduction in Legacy 10 Camera Arlo Smart Premier Plan from 1080p to 720p?

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I've noticed quite the change to the quality and resolution of my videos with my Arlo Pro2 Cameras. Searching for the answer on comparing old to new plans is light on info. See attached photo (dark mode) from the Arlo App for iOS where it shows up to 720p cloud recording and the second photo taken from the Arlo website where it avoids sharing the resolution for the same info bubble. Which is it Arlo? Are cloud recordings true 1080p or reduced to 720p for the legacy 10 camera Smart Premier plan? Why the disparity in descriptions between the online Arlo App and iOS App for the same subscription?

The Pro2 Arlo cams are 1080p "capable" and the video's downloaded from Arlo Cloud from my cams show as 1080x1072 resolution but of late, the resulting quality looks like 720 "stretched" to 1080 or the codec/compression has been changed to lean toward compression. Whats going on with this? For example my front yard looks like a green blobs of grass and are super blocky. This is not what it used to look like - (See attached png image at bottom of post)

For the those that may question my setup, here's the details.

Connection to Internet: Full Gigabit Fiber Up/Down
Internal Network: Gigabit Managed POE Switching with Private VLAN dedicated to Cameras
Perimeter Firewall: Enterprise Class Firewall
Distance VMB4000 from Cameras: 12 feet
Video Quality Settings on cameras: Best Quality
Signal Strength of Cameras: All cameras show full wireless strength
Battery or USB Powered Cameras: Constant USB Power - no batteries in used for cameras I'm concerned with.



IMG_EE37AB63CC9E-1.jpegScreen Shot 2020-03-29 at 2.10.08 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-03-29 at 2.31.46 PM.png