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Person detection false positives

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grillmaster77 Guide
I have one particular camera outside that gets ~2-3 false positive motion/audio detections a day, and the recording shows a static scene. This is fine. What concerns me is that usually reports these as "person detected". There is nothing in the scene that looks remotely like a person, so I believe I need to be in contact with the development team responsible for the machine learning behind this feature.
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JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



This will happen on occasion. Arlo Smart will constantly be improving it's algorithm to reduce false positives and in the future, more tools will be made available to users to help identify and send information on these false positives to the development team.



InsaneDiego Star

I signed up for the trial and last night my wife said, "I hope you aren't paying for this".  She had enough during the first 28 days  of the trial. The system kept telling her the tree that never moves in the front yard and the umbrella that never moves in the backyard were/or might have been people. The system isn't very smart that you have to tell it multiple times it's "Other". Once should be enough. We cancelled the trial and are now back on Basic. 

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Jonjonajamieson Apprentice
I find it infuriating that arlo adds features or new products without fixing what they currently offer.

For example, their CVR feature (a paid subscription) you would think works pretty well by now. Last year and a half it’s been completely useless.