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Multiple issues w/ Smart - Arlo trying to send someone to my home for a fee to fix their issue????

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Long time Arlo Pro user.

Upgraded to Arlo Pro 2 for better quality, Arlo smart launched, subscribed to the $99 annual plan hoping to use all the latest features.  So far, it's not be fun.


1. I still get alarm in the middle of the night trigerred by cats or lights outside of my "active" zone with person detect on.  Then, there's NO notification and NO recording in the library as Arlo smart probably decides this is not worth notifying me.  But alarm is trigerred by Motion immediately.


2. I get notifications from time to time but nothing gets recorded in the library.  Or perhaps it was recorded (my camera snapshot captured something), but then Arlo Smart threw it out and deleted it?  I thought it is supposed to record ALL motion detect, wither person or not, and whether in or outside of activity zone, but only NOTIFY if it meets the criteria?  Where are the recordings going?


3. I have a setup where two camera pointing to my garage would trigger recording of each other.  i.e. motion on 1 triggers 1 and 2 recording, and motion on 2 trigers 2 and 1 recording.  This is working "most" of the time, but every day, I would miss some recordings where both cameras capture the same time.  I don't think this is a "smart" issue, or is it?  Never had this issue before with Arlo Pro.


Wish the Alarm and Notiricaitons on the app can be customized to sound differently upon different trigger or different "smart" detections.  But as is today, they are so disconnected that it's so unreliable...  I can accept being frustrated by over notifications or over recording... but NOT having recording is completely NOT acceptable....


And a 888 number staffed with folks that honestly can't communicate english well enough is very frustrating - not to mention they were actually rude and getting frustrated with me when I asked them to stop reading the manual and try to understand my questions, they simply jumped to sending someone out to my house for a fee...  I escalated the discussion to find exactly the same...   sigh...   Arlo, if you are reading, you have a Jennifer who claims to be level 5 certified technitian who couldn't answer how Person and Zone detections are supposed to work and how Alarm is trigered..  and insist to send someone out at a "discounted" rate to solve the problem with expensive equipment.... ??  really???  I'm already paying $99 subscription.

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The number you contacted is NOT Arlo.... but a scam number.


Arlo/Netgear has NEVER sent someone to the home ( TMK ) in the 4 years I've been dealing with them


Only contact to them is via ;

Morse is faster than texting!