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Modes & Schedule Deleted On Their Own

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Alright, so here's my newest of a plethora of app issues I've experienced in the past several months.  I have (had, I should say) two custom modes created.  They were brand new as of yesterday, as I created them while trying to fix a DIFFERNT problem, which is still unresolved, but I'll save that for another day since this is much more concerning.  One of these new modes has completely vanished into thin air, and the other mode which remains has had its settings, such as the motion sensitivity, changed from my custom configurations back to the default of "80". Lastly, I had a schedule set, also newly created as of yesterday, and it is completely blanked out now probably because both modes it utilized are no longer available. 


First of all, what an absolute WASTE of freakin time setting up all those custom mode configurations & schedule yesterday.  That is not a quick task.  Secondly, regarding the Arlo system in general over the past few months - obviously unless I'm not constantly checking the app, I don't even realize I'm having an issue (or 5).  However, every time I DO happen to check, there IS a problem! ("Interesting. I wonder why not a single car drove down my busy street all day long. Normally there's 100 or so videos in my library." *scratches head*).  That's the type of stuff happening on a regular basis, and not everyone can just monitor their system all day long to assure it isn't screwing up, and then also be around or have the time to troubleshoot as well.  You have solutions being tossed around to constantly climb ladders and pull cameras down from awkward spots to bring them inside and re-sync them over and over, etc., which is totally unacceptable.  And the types of errors occurring are deeming peoples' cameras useless - not recording, not sending alerts, modes disarming, modes completely disappearing now, the app crashing all the time, camera batteries dying at unprecedented rates., etc.  We'd all be better off and a little richer just sticking fake "beware of dog" signs or dummie cameras in our yards.


What is the problem here Arlo?  Seriously.  Did you guys bite off more than you can chew rolling out all this "smart" stuff that was poorly patched in?  My system of 5 Arlo Pros was pretty decent with minimal errors a year ago, so I just don't understand what the deal is now, and I don't feel like we consumers are getting any amount of reassurance back that things will in fact become more stable. I, like many others who have spent a ton of money on this system, have also literally WASTED hours upon hours troubleshooting a multitude of issues on a daily basis and posting on this community board. I will be out of town for a couple weeks in the near future, and unfortunately I have absolutely zero confidence that my Arlo system will be reliable during that time.  What a bunch of crap.

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator



I will open a case due to the amount of issues you are describing. I will reach out to you in a private message with more information regarding this.