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Lost legacy plan and unable to get it back

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Yes, your app does not tell you that you are leaving a legacy plan The legacy plan and newer plan have almost the same name. When I thought I was renewing I thought the info referred to the legacy plan and it was just short-handed for invoices. I want my original plan back and it was denied. Due to some BS that you do not offer the plan. yet you still have it and the system, so yes you could put me back on the older plan. You choose to be a crook and force me to be stuck with an inferior plan because you want more money and give less service and product. You do not care about your customer. I will now make sure I only speak and post anywhere I can what a horrific company you are. You design the app on purpose or you are that stupid, likely purpose because you worded the information to be easily misleading. YOu also stole the remainder of my yearly subscription trial on the legacy plan. I will be looking for a replacement for my Arlo products immediately and enjoy my money for as long as you can. Oh, I canceled my order for a four-pack camera set. You're welcome, you lying, thieving company.

YOu could easily have created a new account on a legacy plan server and have me re-register all my products.
That fact you think that your customers are stupid and would bend over a dollar to pick up a dime is insulting. There is no way that I would have let go of a legacy plan that offered me ten cameras and 4k for 5 cameras at 4k.

I submitted tickets from the app, and it went weeks untouched, called and they said I open a ticket under the wrong department. Well, there is no way to open at that time a ticket for what I needed assistance with, convenient. Also, why did the ticket not get an update with a link to the correct department? Then when I called in they opened a ticket and they said they would escalate and simply close it out using the exact same thing on the phone, they obviously copied and pasted their answers.

Worst company I have dealt with, you have no dethroned AT&T, at least they owned up to the mistake and put me back on my legacy plan. It was the same scenario like this.

Worst customer experience by far. I do have one question, who is your number one competitor for the market you are in? I would like to try them out and likely switch. It is not Ring since they do not have 4k, at least have the fortitude to admit who is your competition which likely is winning since you now insist upon yourselves.

Model: VMB5000 | Arlo Ultra SmartHub