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Is Arlo Smart Multi-cam Servers slow or is it my network? Takes several mins for video to show?

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I am on a trial using the multi-cam plan. The app on the phone works fine, I get a motion notification right away but its several minutes before the video shows up in my library. I don't have the fastest uplink speed, around 10 megabits uplink (that's all I can get from Spectrum here). So I am not sure if the delay is on my end or Arlo's.

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I have Spectrum's 100/10Mbps plan, too, and the uploads are fine. While there may be congestion at various places along the way slowing things down, that usually isn't the case. There may be 2 parts to this slowness:


1) As part of your trial plan, you get Smart, which requires the video to be uploaded completely to the servers for post-processing. The video size requires time to upload and process so that can be part of the issue.  Are you getting Smart notifications (with a thumbnail and a description of what caused the motion)? If those are quick, then it's not Smart.


2) Others occasionally complain of slow library updates, too, so it may be something in the backend that's causing this. Have you tried force closing the app and reopening it to see if that makes any difference? That's about the only thing you can try to see the library faster although perhaps switching days in the library and refreshing the current day by pulling down may help.