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I have 3 Arlo Go cameras and on $329/year annual plan but billed twice in one invoice

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I have been using Arlo Cameras since 2015 and switched to Arlo Go cameras (which are no longer listed here in the "MODEL" section in community support.


I have 3 Arlo Go cameras I have been using on an annual plan at $329 per year with great success. Las week, I was billed TWICE in one invoice for two each annual plans at a cost of over $700!


There is now NOBODY you can talk to at Arlo and support is non-existant. 


How can I get a refund, and cancel my service? 

Arlo Employee Retired

Hi N22Tango,


Feel free to read this article to learn how to cancel your Arlo Smart subscription: How do I change or cancel my Arlo subscription plan?


Otherwise, you can contact the Support Team to help you further. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link. If you have problems contacting the support team, please let me know.



I did go into settings and verified that I am on an annual plan for my three Arlo Go cameras and that plan is $329 per year, but on 11-19-2019,  my credit card was billed TWICE at $329.00. The added tax on $658 is $43.43, making a total hit to my credit card of $701.43.


I have tried calling the phone number provided, and had to be switched from the original person who answered, to a second person and then to a third person... each time explaining my problem. Then after being on my cell phone for 30 minutes, the call dropped.


After looking at my settings, there is no provision to dispute the charge through the Arlo portal.

There is NO WAY to reply directly to the email I received about my $701.43 charge.

If I attempt to call again, I'm certain that I'll have to go through the "3 person circus" and spend 30 minutes on my cell phone trying to resolve this, with a good chance of the call being dropped again.


Thank your for your assistance however. Long story made short, Arlo is a thief in the night and their policy of not allowing someone to make an inquiry through email in regard to a dispute to their bill further adds to the frustration of being "robbed".



Arlo Employee Retired

Sorry to hear the experience you had with the support team. Let me reach out to you via private message to gather some information from you.