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Had number of network and internet interruption. Moved Base Station and had to reset. Lost smart.

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I have just installed a new 3 Ultra camera setup with no problems and the free service allowed me to store the initial videos created by the cameras. Today (3 days later) I had a number of network and internet interruptions due to work on the internet towers nearby.

I also decided to move the base station to improve the signal from one of the cameras. For some reason, I was unable to re-establish the camera network and so I decided to reset the VMB5000 and reinstall it and the cameras with a new account.

That process went smoothly until I realised that motion picked up by any camera did not trigger any actions and when I checked the setup on the myArlo webpage the option to record video was greyed out for all cameras. I do not have a memory card installed at this stage so storage to SD card cannot happen.

Before I set up the new account with a new email, I removed all the cameras and the hub from that account.

Possible actions??

(1) I wondered whether the so called 16 digit code for the free service (I have no idea where that is) is tied to the account and if I returned the hub to the original account name, the free service would be reinstated. After all I have only used 3 days out of 365!

Any ideas?

(2) If that will not work can the service be transferred to the new email address (account) from the old by Arlo?

Help please...


Arlo Employee Retired

Hi howie407,


If you lost your free one-year Smart subscription from your Arlo Ultra 3-camera system, I would suggest to contact the Support Team to further investigate this issue. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.