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Camera activates regardless of audio type, and will not cease to activate after setting turned off

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I have Arlo Ultra, firmware, using iOS iphone all.


I wanted audio activation if there was a Smoke or CO alarm so I have turned on under Settings->Smart Notifications->< camera name> 'Smoke/CO Alarm'. (note 'All other Audio' is OFF').


I however received notifications when the camera detected ANY type of sound (ie not Smoke T3 or CO T4 alarms).


This was annoying so I turned it OFF. (note 'All other Audio' is still OFF')


The camera though continues to detect any type of audio and record a clip.


The recording comes up in library with 'audio' on the right hand side as the activation reason even though audio has been turned off.


I have gone into Mode->Base station->Armed mode->'if motion on <camera name> edit (pencil icon) and the 'Audio is detected' rule is NOT activated with a tick symbol.


I have tried Disarm mode then Arm mode to see if this makes the system 'reset' the audio activation to off but has not helped. It is persistently activating to any audio 

For me, it seems to be there are 2 issues


1- the camera detects ALL types of sound and activates, even though one has selected only smoke/CO


and 2- when this is deselected the camera continues to activate because of any sound, and 'audio' comes up as reason for the activation under Library.


Has any one else the same issues?

Model: VMS5440 | Arlo Ultra 4 Camera Kit
Community Manager
Community Manager



Are you still experiencing this behavior? Try creating a custom mode with audio triggers disabled. Do you still get audio triggers with the custom mode as well?