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Arlo Ultra owners - Do you plan on subscribing after your free trial is up?

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Hi all - I am considering buying an Arlo Ultra camera setup and came across this forum so I thought I would pose a question to the group. It looks like the Ultra comes with a 1-year free subscription that includes cloud storage and some additional features that sound useful. I am wondering if the subscription is worth paying for after the year is up, or if it is something I should avoid getting roped into.

For those that own Ultra cameras, how likely are you to pay for the subscription once your free year is over?

I like quantifying things, so maybe numbers will help...

5 - Definitely will subscribe

4 - Probably will subscribe

3 - Not sure either way

2 - Probably will not subscribe

1 - Definitely will not subscribe


Thanks in advance!


I have had my system ( 7 Ultras ) for two years now. Things to know - your free year is 1080 to the cloud with 4Klive and 4K to the SD card.  I was happy with this at the time other than the SD can only be accessed on your phone and only by the main account holder otherwise you must unmount it and view it on you PC.  After your free year you have three choices, no plan giving you access when on your network or using port forwarding or VPN when away. This gives you the same 4K live and 4K to the SD but no cloud.  Choose a plan either premier ( 2K cloud, live and 2K SD ) or elite ( 4K cloud, live and 4K SD )  You will notice some things depending on your speeds.  My notifications are slower with 4K and video to the cloud takes longer to show in the library.  My only real complaint now would be smarts inability to correctly identify what it sees, at least what I believe it should be by 2020 standards.  I see smart as allowing me to only be notified for people, vehicles and animals.  I'm not happy when someone shows up on my porch at 1 AM and smart sees it as motion so no notification. I'm not happy when my heat pump sends up a plume of mist and I'm notified a person is on my patio nor when vehicles are often called motion and so no notification.  Not in 2020 and not what I'm paying for. I have taken to donating such videos in hopes they will work it out.  If not they will be replaced with a wired system that is quicker and requires no cloud service especially since my Ultras need to be wired anyway if I want the 3 sec rollback feature to work.  It's as easy to run a ethernet cable as it is power to the Arlo.  This is my experience and opinion, others may have another.