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Arlo Smart problems with delay notifications and support issues

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heybird72 Follower

I have no idea how Arlo has received so many great reviews.  I have had nothing but frustration in my dealings with them.  I've been on the line with support several times trying to troubleshoot the issue of alerts arriving 6, 7, 10 minutes after an event... that's just not acceptable or even helpful.  During this process I've had to call back several times to try to fix subscription charge issues.  I was being charged twice for Arlo Smart after my first call with support.  My last call with support lasted 90 minutes.... NINETY MINUTES!  During that call I was instructed several times to resubscribe to Arlo Smart and that I would be refunded.  I haven't been refunded.  Today I recharge a camera and it now does not show up as being under the Arlo Smart subscription.  I try to change the subscription and it says I will be charged again today for the full montly amount!!?!?!?!?!  My initial issue still isn't resolved and a quick look at these boards says it won't be fixed because others are having the same issue and same frustrations.  The smart feature is one of the main reasons I purchased from Arlo, but it doesn't work as advertised.  I can't return the cameras and I can't seem to even be charged the correct amount for the service that doesn't work.  Yes, I'm FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to box the whole system up and ship it back and request a refund.

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @heybird72,


Let me try looking at your case further. I have sent you a private message so hope to hear from you.