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I've been an Arlo Pro user for the past year and a half, mainly on my Google Pixel phone. Recently had low lifes attempting to get into my vehicles in the driveway, and around this same time I discovered Arlo Smart, however it wasn't available in Canada. However, just a few days later I get an update to the app and Smart now seems to be available! I subscribed immediately for the 1-month trial, but haven't had much luck. Seen several updates changing the UI around smart, and the functionality doesn't seem to be really working.


  1. Smart detection/notification does not work. I have it turned off for everything but "Person Detection" but am getting notified of everything (including the black cat that prowls my driveway around 3am every morning...)
  2. Smart notifications don't work. I'm still just getting "motion detected" instead of a more detailed notification.
  3. Activity zones don't work. I can create the zone in the device settings, but I can't seem to define whether it is a zone to ignore, or a zone to pay attention to, and further to that point, I have no ability to select zones in the modes screen (as I've seen answered in elsewhere in the forms). The only options I still see when creating a mode, is which device, detects motion/audio, sensitivity, and then which actions to take. No options to select an activity zone.

I've rebooted my hub, I've uninstalled the app and reinstalled, and I've used the browser based app from a computer.


Help? Is it just this is new functionality in Canada still and they can't get their act together to work out the bugs? Or am I missing something?

Looks like new arlo app update 22-03-2019 fixed delay on smart detection. I have much faster detection, and activity zones seams to work also. ( 2 activito zones defined)
It detects persons from my car, hoping this experience will last on 🙂 i live in denmark by the way, with arlo pro 2 only have one smart subscription add on. I also notice that it does not react ouside activity zones, wich is great 😉

I subscribe to Arlo Smart covering four cameras but only three show up under manage Arlo Smart.  They all show up under the subscription.  That fourth one does not even show up under active or inactive.  I was told this is a known issue for many subscribers.  I can not filter the notification so I receive hundreds of notifications from that camera each day.  I find the Smart features engineering lacking in quality and the tech support seems to approach this issue each time as if it is new to them every time I call for any update.  This system is close to being replaced with another brand if they do not get their act together.