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Arlo Smart Premier Plan Issue: Can No Longer Move Cameras into CVR in Grandfathered Old Plan

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So Arlo updated their website and app in December to move the "Manage Camera Status" from settings to the subscription section to "Manage Cameras" but in the process they removed the option to add and remove camera's to the CVR, section. Bring back that "Manage Camera Status" option so we can freely move our cameras into CVR or atleast fix it so we can edit cameras in the CVR plan we are already paying for!


Click here to watch a video of the issue:


Arlo says that the only way to fix this is to upgrade from the cheaper grandfathered plan to the more expensive new plan! NOT A SOLUTION! This is NOT a user/device issue, it is a website issue!


Even the help article is not updated and they think you still have that option to go to "Manage Camera Status", when it doesn't exist:


It says: 


Use and manage CVR

When you have a CVR subscription, you can access 14 or 30 days of continuous video recording, depending on what subscription you have. You can also change which camera records using the CVR feature. (FALSE)


To change which camera uses CVR:

  1. Launch the Arlo app or log in to
  2. Tap or click Settings > Subscription > Manage Camera Status.
  3. Tap or click and hold the grabber icon on the right side of the camera name.
  4. Move the camera to Move camera here.
  5. Select a different camera.
  6. Move the camera to CVR Move a CVR eligible camera here."



    If you click "Manage Cameras" which is the new "Manage Camera Status" option, you only have the option to activate and deactive Arlo Camera's within the plan, you DO NOT have an option to drag and drop into CVR anymore, look at the screenshots below. FIX THIS!


    I have all arlo pro 2 and 3 and i cant even remove the one camera that is in the CVR plan now out of the two I pay for. I called arlo support and 45 minutes later, the solution they gave was to upgrade to the new CVR plan for $9.99. That is NOT a solution because I am playing $248 for 20 cameras and 2 CVR plans and if i upgrade the CVR plan to $9.99 each month then i would be paying $240 a year just for two CVR plans PLUS the arlo elite plan. I do not know why Arlo makes it SO difficult to edit your plan, you should have an option to edit CVR or cancel CVR without editting anything else. Every time arlo changes something with the subscription plan, they always mess something up! Fix this!

    Look at the screenshots below to show how the "Manage Camera Status" is no longer available and how the option to drag and drop into CVR under Manage Cameras isnt even an option:



Why hasn't arlo done anything about this issue? I am paying for TWO CVR cameras and arlo has removed the option to drag and drop a camera under manage camera status to an open CVR slot! Stop ignoring this issue for users on the legacy plan!

I completely agree.  NETGEAR, you should FIX this issue by allowing customers to easily manage which cameras are in the CVR program.  I went through your new steps to modify the plan and it does not address the issue because you are canceling your existing plan and submitting a new plan.  I paid an annual amount for 3 cameras with 14 day CVR and in order to change one of the cameras to a new camera on CVR, I would have to change the plan and pay monthly (and a much higher rate than my annual already paid).  


This is unacceptable and completely ridiculous.  Please address the root issue that people have been complaining about for a year and a half since you made this change!

Why hasnt there been an update to fix this?
I just ended my subscription since that camera is stopped working and I cant change the camera to another and support was absolutely no help. Im so frustrated