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Arlo Pro 4 Smart notifications not working - Alerts for any motion

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Under smart notifications, I have ANIMALS turned off! Yet I continue to get notifications for this even though I only have people selected. I can even have just vehicles selected and i still will get a notification in the Library of videos that specifically states "animal"! Has anyone else seen this and having this issue? Ive seen many other post about this with no real answers! I have removed the battery and restarted it, I have toggled off and on within the app, I have MOVED the cameras to inactives cameras under the "manage Arlo Smart" settings within Smart notifications! With all of this, I still have the unwanted notifications and my battery is drained within 10 days due to so many incorrect notifications!  


You will get all recordings but not notifications to your phone for those that are off. The camera need to record everything and then it is sent to the servers to process. You may want to try to reposition your camera or lower motion sensitivity. 

Same thing here. Drove he crazy. Get notifications for squirrels all day long. The Animal detector DOES NOT WORK! PLUS setting it up to go through the processing servers slows down your notification time (which is bad (15”) anyway for ALL notifications. Definitely was draining the battery. So I got the solar charger WHICH WORKS GREAT! And which solved that problem. I set my iPhone Do not Disturb on at night so the phone does not notify me if squirrels run by at night.
Model: VMC4050P/VMC4041P | Arlo Pro 4

Go to the reviews of the Arlo app in the App Store and sort by newest. Almost everyone is seeing this problem and complaining about it. Hopefully they fix this soon because until they do they have effectively ruined their product.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station