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Re: Arlo Pro 3 smart plan not allowing change in country

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I am still waiting for Arlo to address the situation from automatically put in the country.  I live in Turks & Caicos, which is a British Territory but is not England.  The field to sign up for the smart plan does not let me change the country.  When I brought this up before, someone from Arlo told me to use a VPN and change the location of server identification and then sign in for the smart plan.  This does not work and does not change my country from England.  I don't understand why someone should not be able to pick the country of their choice.  I have a credit card from the US and from Turks & Caicos and I can't put in a smart plan because it is locked in to England.  Please fix this.  There are a lot of people that live in one place but would like to pay with credit cards from other countries.  I don't understand the inflexibility and also misunderstanding of how the system chooses your country of your location.  Most worldwide companies allow payments from various sources, but Arlo doesn't.  It is time to update your policies or your system or whatever the roadblock is.

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When creating an account, the country in which you are setting up the system is the country used to identify that account. Not all countries have subscription plans available, for more information on this, take a look here: What are the available Arlo subscription plans and how much cloud recording is available?