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Arlo Pro 2 Smart Notifications shows "all other motion" only when I have vehicle and person set.

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I have two Arlo Pro 2 cameras set up at my house, both running on battery power.  I purchased an upgrade recently (not sure what the plan is called, but it gives me access to 30 days of saved motion capture videos and smart notifications).  Motion capture for one of the cameras was repeatedly being triggered by shadows moving across our driveway on sunny days, so I set the smart notifications to only send when the camera detects a person or a vehicle.  However, this doesn't seem to have worked, and I'm still getting "All other motion" notifications come through.  I've tried restarting the base-station, re-adding cameras etc. but nothing so far has resolved this issue.  The camera is pretty much unusable on sunny days - I'll have to resort to turning it off to avoid getting bombarded by notifications. Do you have any suggestions?  Is this a bug in the software?  Thanks in advance!

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Sounds like a fw problem.... I would contact Arlo support

but in the meanwhile, you could create a custom mode with a lower sense level for the 'sunny' cameras and see if that helps so you don't have to disable

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