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Android App - 2.6.5

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dhiller0217 Apprentice

Okay, so Android 2.6.5 has been released now.  We're averaging an update every 2 weeks or so now, and with each update there's a statement that there's been "bug fixes and performance improvements".  This is vague.  I understand the list of needed fixes is vast, but I would REALLY like to know WHICH bugs are being fixed.  Just in the past month, I have experienced everything from extreme notification delays, to rich notifications not working properly, to custom modes deleting on their own and blowing up my schedule, to receiving smart notifications for things I have the sliders turned off on.. and a couple of those just magically resolved on their own without me touching a thing.  geofencing has NEVER worked right from day one of the Arlo system.. All that said, can we get some some specifics please?  Am I going to get 4 more notifications for single instances of activity on top of the 5 I am already receiving?  Do I need to go into a bunch of my phone settings and delete backups and prevent syncing and all that before I install this one??   The lack of communication is making me want to bang my head on the wall.

Tonstar1 Luminary
Absolutely sucks don't it my smartthings lights geo works everytime ! Worse thing about last update my cams random disable I just checked 2am and there all off brilliant! I would never recommended arlo