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Need your help!


I have 6 cameras - and when viewed on the App, I was told to subscribe to Arlo smart to see the 6th camera as it was only showing 5 (this is normal).


So, I selected single camera subscriptions, selected the subscription and applied it to the 6th cam, paid the fee. 


Now on the Device page, it is showing the 6th camera - but it deactivated one of the previous 5 cameras! Making the total cams to 5, again.


I thought that when you buy this subscription, you're able to add more than 5 cameras.


Can anyone help with what is going on?




Guru Guru

The free plan is for up to 5 cameras per account. Adding a 6th camera requires that you subscribe to a plan (Premier or Elite) that allows 5 cameras. Then you also need that single camera plan (which is discounted due to the Premier/Elite plan). It's always been like this but the switch from the older plans to the current ones makes it a bit confusing, at least to me.


The primary reason for the switching of the paid plans is likely due to the newer cameras and the old, legacy cameras (Pro 2 and older) just get to go along for the ride.


Thanks jguerdat.


You may have answered a similar problem I am having...  I have an older Arlo Pro system with 5 cameras. I recently added a Pro 3 spotlight camera knowing that I would need to purchase a smart plan for it after the free 3-month trial.  I assumed that I could add the Pro 3 as a single camera for $2.99/month as the other older cameras do not require the paid plans.


The trial just ended and the Pro 3 is still active on my account but is not recording up to the cloud.  But when I went to subscribe as a single camera on the Premier plan, it only gives me the  option to add 5 cameras at $9.99/month and I am required to select 4 of my older Pro cameras to be included - i.e., the subscription page won't allow me to only select the Pro3 camera for the single camera rate.


So if I understand correctly, I not only lose the free subscription for my 5 Pro cameras, but I will now need to pay for a plan for 5 and then pay for an additional  6th camera?

Guru Guru

You got it. The only other choice would be to use a second base on a second account using a second email address to connect some of the cameras to. Then you could use Settings, Grant Access from the new account to the original one so all cameras show up in one login.