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Activity zones no longer appears in app

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Hi all, I have no idea (and neither does Arlo) why my activity zones have disappeared from my app and web portal. It simply does not appear anymore. I am a current subscriber to the premier plan and all my 7 cameras are participating in the plan. Any ideas?

I have tried the following;

- restarted both hubs
- deleted and reinstalled app
- removed all cameras and readded them to the subscription

Thanks 🙂

Same here, no activity zones any longer on all 5 cameras.  Had someone digging in my trash last night, nothing on any video.  So paying the $15 a month, spent $500+ on four 4k cameras and a spotlight.  And.... had to go back to my Nest doorbell to see anything that happened last night.  What a joke.


After my rant post, some more insight.  I notice that "Auto-zoom and tracking" was turned On for all four of my Pro4's.  I turned that off.  Still, no activity zones selection shows up.  And to be clear, activity zones are not showing up on the web-based interface nor in the application itself.  Spent a lot of time setting up activity zones on five total cameras!  This was a key feature, Nest has this and I wanted that along with 4k thus my purchase of Arlo.  I have 5 Arlos', 5 Wyze and 3 Nest.  This is the most disappointed I have been with any of them.  We need this fixed immediately.


Suspicions on the defect:

- software moving to auto-zoom and track has disabled the activity zones function

- software patch mistakenly took away the feature at the end of the trial period, my new subscription to premier started on 12/30 and the activity zone seems to be gone right about then

- software is misidentifying the cameras and not showing the feature.  


This is a software platform code issue. Needs to be rectified.  I have no problem returning the four Pro 4's to Costco and getting off this crap platform if this is what we are going to get.

So it was suggested to me that I cancel my trial and start up a new subscription which I did. This solved the activity zones issue. However I spoke with Arlo and they refused to reimburse me the difference of the trial that was not used. They told me they would contact me back it’s been almost a week with no contact back!

Further to this, despite signing up for the exact same subscription I was on with the trial I went from 4K live streaming to 2k live streaming; also went from 4K local SD recordings to 2k! What a joke, forced to end trial and as a slap in the face they reduce the quality. What’s the point of a trial Arlo if you’re not letting us trial the same product we will have when we eventually subscribe??? I spoke to Arlo about this and their response, “maybe you weren’t on a premier trial but an elite trial”!! What the?? It definitely said “Arlo premier 12 month trial”!! They have no idea what is going on or they’re great at playing dumb! (I suspect the latter)..

So after all this i ended up giving up and deciding to give Arlo what they wanted and sign up for the ELITE plan (only because I’m already tied up in their ecosystem with all their accessories and 7 ultra cameras and 2 hubs including solar panels etc).

How can Arlo call this 4K and charge me $30 a month?? The footage despite being 4K resolution is heavily compressed and grainy! A 20 second video recorded in 4K on my local SD and on the Arlo cloud is only 5mb!!!!! For comparison a 20 second video recorded in 4K on my iPhone is almost 1gb!!! Now I understand compression has its place and is there to reduce file size etc, but for a 20 second video to be only 5mb is a joke!! It explains why my footage is so grainy when zooming in! Especially for recording to local SD card storage allow us to select what compression is applied to our footage.

All in all, extremely disappointed with this system and these cameras and the tactics being used to force people to subscribe to higher plans and slowly taking away included features of subscriptions.