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Meet the New Arlo Security Light System - FAQ & Resources



Introducing the new Arlo Security Light System. A motion-activated, weather-resistant LED lighting system that works together with Arlo Security Cameras for an integrated outdoor security solution, with convenient wire-free setup.


Need help with your Arlo Security Light system? We have gathered all the resources you'll need to get started. Check out these YouTube videos below:


How to Setup the Arlo Security Light System:



Placement & Helpful Tips:



How to Setup Cross-Triggering Rules:



How to Optimize System Range:



If you would like to read on how to setup your Arlo Security Light System, and some other helpful resources, check out these articles below:



The Arlo Security Add-On Light can easily be added to your Arlo Security System. All Arlo Security Lights require a connection to an Arlo Light Bridge. If you don't have an Arlo Light Bridge, you can purchase one separately here.


If you have any questions about the Arlo Security Light System, post down below and we'll get to each one as soon as we can. If you need any more help on your Arlo Security Light System, visit Arlo Support for more articles and resources.


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Thank you for being part of the Arlo family!

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Meet the New Arlo Security Light System - FAQ & Resources

Please tell me with my 5 camera's and my base station I dont' have to use another bridge. If Netgear is forcing me to do so. Time to look at Ring. Netgear you have a base station send firmware to control the lights?

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Meet the New Arlo Security Light System - FAQ & Resources

We don't know the design reasons for this but we do know that not all Arlo cameras use a base station. How would you communicate with them?

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Re: Meet the New Arlo Security Light System - FAQ & Resources



Seems Arlo lost another cuomster. I get you have a bridge if you have nothing, but to make a Base Unit have another plugged in unit.. Sheez..

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Meet the New Arlo Security Light System - FAQ & Resources

Hey Gunthermic, hope I can help. The Arlo Light Bridge uses a different method to connect to Arlo Security Light compared to the cameras. Arlo Security Cameras connect to the base station using WiFi and high bandwidth. But in order to optimize the lights to work longer without a recharge, the bridge connects to Arlo Security Light using Bluetooth Low Energy--different technology than the base station. This lets you extend the range of the lights (while also using less of the light's battery). The bridge, as mentioned, will also let new customers use Arlo Security Light standalone without needing to purchase cameras first.

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Re: Meet the New Arlo Security Light System - FAQ & Resources

I agree with Gunthermic, my first question was - "Don't tell me I need another base/bridge???"   

If you guys could make the Orbi Mesh Network work with the Camera's and Lights - you'd have the perfect setup.  We would have a strong wifi network for home use, camera use, and light use.  Instead - I have a home wifi network, camera hub network, and now a bridge for lights - don't want it (and by the way, all these networks are weak because they are not meshed together).

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Re: Meet the New Arlo Security Light System - FAQ & Resources

I sort of understand the annoyance of having yet another hub type product but I am more than happy to have a bridge if it does what Arlo are saying, extend the battery life.  How long would they last if they used WiFi?


The bridge is small and a good design (looks a little like a Wemo insight smart plug) , just a plug rather than a router type design, so its not like you have any wires.


Anyway so far so good, chuffed with it and along with my Arlo 1st gen cameras which i now use the tenergy rechargables in (which have lasted 16 weeks so far and have 38% left in them) . My opinion of the Arlo system is improving after it had dipped to a level i was considering binning it all after outages and constant battery discharge, IFTTT integration not working for months etc etc (which i dont suffer anymore, new firmware maybe plus one cam was actually faulty)

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