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Firmware update failure (3.2.25) for Arlo light. Removed Light/Bridge and re-added. Help?

I have gone through the process of trouble shooting this issue with no resolution. The issue I am having is purely a firmware  problem, but I am unable to resolve it. I still have firmware version 3.2.25. When trying to update the firmware it does not allow me to manually update it. I have deleted the lights added the lights. Removed the bridge added the bridge. Logged out of the app logged into the app. In additon, I have waited for the supposed auto-update that happens at night with no resolution. I have also walked through trouble shooting via the Chat application with Cherry which was unhelpful. It seemed that this represtative exessivly assumes this issue to be user error, which was frustrating. I have read through the forums and it seems that Netgear reached out to someone with a similar issue and provided a direct firmware update by email. How can i update my firmware on the Arlo Security Light?

Model: ALS1101 | Arlo Security Light
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Re: Firmware update failure (3.2.25) for Arlo light. Removed Light/Bridge and re-added. Help?

Hey ccates,


Sorry to hear the experience you had with the support team and with the Arlo Security Lights. Let me gather more information from you via private message.


(Update 7/25): We also wanted to let you know that there is no manual firmware update for the Arlo Security Light. They just need to be online and left on for a day or two as it will automatically update during 12-2 pm local time daily. If the firmware update fails, it will resume the next day during the time frame given.


You can also check these articles shown below regarding the Arlo Security Lights firmware updates:

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