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Arlo lights won’t turn on manually


I have 6 Arlo lights connected to the Arlo smartbase. The lights work fine and will turn on when it detects motion at night. I’d also get a push notification informing me that a monitor is detected. However, if I want to turn on these lights manually, 3 out of the 6 lights won’t turn on. I checked the settings against the other 3 lights that work, and all the settings are the same. And one of the lights will also say that it’s offline from time to time or battery level is at zero, but it’s not because I’d still get a push notification when it detects motion.

Do you guys have any ideas on how to fix this? All lights are running the same firmware....3.2.51 and all have the same model number AL1101r4. Thank you.
Model: ALS1101 | Arlo Security Light
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Re: Arlo lights won’t turn on manually



It sounds like this could be a range issue between the impacted lights and the bridge. Try bringing the lights closer to the bridge (within a few feet as a test) to see if the behavior remains the same.



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