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On Secure Multi Camera 30 day plan only storing 3 days of video in library for some cameras

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Our house Arlo configuration:

Arlo Pro 4 x 3 cameras mounted outdoors

Arlo Essentials XL x 4 cameras mounted indoors

Base station has 3 cameras linked, the rest are on wifi.

All cameras hardwired for power at 100% and strong connections

Active Arlo Secure Multi-Camera 30 day cloud history plan with 7 or 7 cameras showing participating


We have a need to get videos from an indoor mounted Essentials XL camera  from April 22 (it's April 30 now) and upon reviewing the library it appears that 4 of the cameras - including the one we need - stop saving to the library after 3 days (image attached)



Three other cameras reliably go back the full 30 days in our plan, its a mix of the Pro and Essentials cameras, not just one or the other.  Same with connectivity - some that record the 30 days are linked to the base station, others to wifi.   


There is no common theme I can figure out to which roll off and which stay for the 30 days, but since the 3 days work fine on all the cameras in the library, and the vitals (wifi and power) are consistently strong on them this feels like an Arlo Secure software issue rolling some off early. 


Hoping I can get this figured out and restored before those videos roll off.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.  


Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Support will need to look into this. You can reach support within the app on your mobile device click on the silhouette on the top left ~ support center ~ the device that you are needing assistance with then choose the issue.