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New App Experience is a Fundamental Mess

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This app is going to cause a load of unneeded support calls. It doesn't keep any of the previous settings, forces users into convoluted layers for the simplest of functions such as arming by time and tries to get cute with routines, modes and actions. This is a classic example of somebody, or more likely a committee over-thinking things. Had this been my first camera purchase, I would have sent back and found another platform.


The new app is a confusing mess. Setting a schedule to simply turn the cameras off and on now requires two separate modes, and you gave to add each camera to the "routine." It took me over an hour to figure out and I've used the old app for years. I should also add I build software workflows for a living. How this mess got out of beta is beyond me.


The automatic email notifications are equally confounding. God forbid there's a default to off or an enterprise setting to turn off all emails. I have 15 cameras, which required going into each one to disable. Dozens of clicks just to program a simple schedule. What an embarrassment.




I just hope your feedback finds it’s way to someone who cares.


I don’t look forward to the prospect of arlo forcing me into using this new way, trying to avoid it will be a challenge I guess but would be worth the effort.


Having a published user manual to read and understand the implications would be a good start, one that includes the lost features rather than what’s new.