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How to Temporarily Disable Certain Cameras with the Home Security System App

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I recently added the Arlo Home Security System to my network of Arlo Pro 2 and Pro 3 cameras. One of the main uses of my outdoor cameras is to monitor wildlife. I live in Alaska and my property is frequently visited by bears, moose, lynx, porcupines, coyotes, and other critters. I want to have the outdoor cameras on with the ability to send alerts when the Home Security System is in Standby mode, i.e., when I'm home. There are times, however, when I want to have the ability to temporarily disable the outdoor cameras such as when I'm doing work in the yard or removing snow from the driveway (or when the wind is blowing a tree in a camera's view). Prior to upgrading to the Arlo Home Security System, I could temporarily disable the camera network with the push of one button on my Arlo phone app. I don't see how to do that with the new system as the only input choices are "Arm Away," "Arm Home," and "Standby." Can I create some sort of one-click Automation? If not, any time I'm working in the yard I will receive constant alerts from my outdoor cameras. That is not a satisfactory option. I'm hoping there is an option other than unplugging my Arlo Security Hub when I want to temporarily disable the outdoor cameras.

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Only three modes is definitely limiting.


I am wondering if you could use Arm Home when you are home, instead of Standby? Editing the mode to just enable the cameras you want (perhaps just the outdoor ones).  Then use Standby to disable them.


I thought about that, @StephenB , but my idea is to use Arm Home while I'm sleeping at home. As such, I want to have all doors and exterior cameras active, among other things. It would be ideal if I could use a scheduled Automation on Arm Home to disable door alarms and some cameras when I'm awake and at home. For example, at 5:30 AM, Arm Home switches from all devices armed to only certain devices. At present all I can adjust on cameras via Automation is motion and sound sensitivity and alarm volume. I don't have an option to disable cameras or door alarms.


If I were to use Arm Home during the day, I would have to use my phone app to switch to Standby every time I open a door or let my dogs in the back yard, or open my patio door to let some fresh air in or sit on the deck, or go out to the garage, or open the front door to accept a delivery. For any guests in the home who don't have the phone app, they wouldn't be able to open a door without setting off an alarm. I just need the ability to customize settings based on a schedule. The three modes (Arm Away, Arm Home, and Standby) are too limiting for real life application. It's very disappointing.


Thanks for your reply.