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Feature Request - Custom Modes and Notification Options

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I am missing a couple features I would really love to have back after moving to the latest version of Arlo with the install of my Home Security System.


  1. Custom Modes
    1. This built in modes are great. However, they are far too limited. I hate that I can no longer arm a single camera without editing one of the three built in modes. Being able to add additional custom modes would bring back a functionality I used very often with the old Arlo app.
  2. Notification Options
    1. All notifications currently use the same sound. This is terribly inconvenient if you want a notification sound that is loud enough to wake you up, or grab your attention in noisy environments. Long story short, my cameras are scheduled to arm at a time after I've fallen asleep. It's very annoying to be woken up to let me know the system is armed.
    2. It would be greatly appreciated if we could set notification sounds for each type of notification. For example, I would like to be able to set a silent notification for when my system is armed or disarmed, but have a loud notification sound set when a motion detection notification is sent.
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Community Manager



I will pass this feedback along to the development team for consideration.