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Will Arlo's stubborn implementation 2FA continue? If so, no value to stay with Arlo.

Will Arlo's stubborn implementation 2FA continue? If so, no value to stay with Arlo.

The current implementation of 2FA is very poor.  It is slow to access the video feed when an alert is received.  It is stupid that you can only trust a device/browser for 14 days -- even bank and stock broker accounts are not that restrictive.  Unless this is fixed and a commitment to keep it user-configurable (Arlo disabled this forced 2FA requirement for a few months before re-implementing with NO notice), I will move to another security camera system rather than increase use of Arlo services. 

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Arlo Employee Retired

@tsoren  thanks for your feedback on 2FA.


This is an area where we are actively enhancing the user experience, looking for ways to offer this security feature without being cumbersome. In the near term, we are looking to make it easier to copy/paste codes from SMS and email.


As you mentioned, we have added the feature where you can remember a browser/device, so you are prompted for 2FA less frequently. As a pro tip, I suggest setting up your phone as an Trusted device, so that you can approve 2FA requested with a tap of a notification from your lock screen. This is my preferred route and I feel like it made things easier for me.


Please let us know if you have some ideas on how to improve the experience further. It sounds like you would be interested in a trusted device timeline longer than 14 days. This is something we can discuss internally to find the best balance between security and convenience.