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Privacy on returned camera

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In regards to this article on Reddit describing the privacy issue - returned cameras sharing footage to prior users.


I can confirm this is still at least partially an issue (as of February 2018).  I had two Arlo Qs that I returned to a big box retailer (wouldn't update firmware and kept disconnecting /going offline) in December 2017.  In February 2018, I was reviewing library footage and saw recordings for these two cameras in my Arlo App.  It looked like new users in their home trying to set up these two cameras.  The recordings were only for one evening, so not sure if they turned off / returned the camera or part of the set-up set up a privacy barrier and assigned them to a new account.

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Obv the cams were not deleted form your account ( remove device ) and the box store just re-sent them out.


If your account has them in it , you can still delete them using remove device ( in settings )

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