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New Firmware ?

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After the recent firmware problem with ArloQ and it all being resolved ......


In the last week I seemed to have had another firmware upgrade/change ?


I only detected this because of my 3 ArloQ cameras the oldest one always refuses to come back online. It's recognised by ArloHQ as it shows the last online picture, in this case from 5 days ago, but when accessed it gives a continuous 'connecting' message and the 'Restart' function is greyed out.


Once I got home, power cycled the camera. When recovering it started flashing the blue/orange to signify a firmware update and up it came again.


Odd that this is my oldest camera and this is now twice recently it's needed power cycling after a firmware change !


My solution, for next time is to put a Kasa KS105 on the mains plug so I can power cycle it from anywhere.

Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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Something else is up or that camera didn't update before. The last Q camera firmware update was July 24, 2020:


Was it as long ago as that that we all had that faulty firmware issue, doesn't seem that long !


At that time 2 recovered OK and this same camera had to be power cycled and after that it's been AOK.


Edit: I've looked back at the problem posts and the last firmware update, then rollback due to a faulty version, was around the 1st week Dec last year.


Thread 1:


Thread 2:


Maybe the version was dated July but it wasn't released till December. Or maybe was updated with the same version number after it was fixed.