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Issues with live streaming Arlo Q

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I really wish there was some recourse for dealing with such a terrible product.  I bought into the Arlo system originally with the regular Arlo cams and they are absolutely great for motion detection and security.  I have no complaints about the regular Arlos. That made me buy into the Arlo Q as a solution for streaming (particularly as a baby cam).


Since purchase, here is the ongoing list of issues I've had using the Arlo Q.

- App will say "cameras disconnected" frequently, randomly

- App will say nothing, but the live stream from the camera is completely frozen

- App will show all cameras as "offline" randomly, frequently.

- Streaming in general may last a maximum of 15 mins before SOMETHING craps out


This behavior happens at two residences where I have the system.  1 residence has mesh wifi with a 1 GB wireless signal.  The other residence has a top of the line nighthawk router with 250 up / 100 down.  All that is to say I never have internet connectivity problems and none of the other smart devices in the homes ever lose connection.  I've tried live streaming on ipads, iphones, and android tablets.


I've tried working with Arlo support, but honestly they are just terrible.  They basically just kick the can down the road and hope you'll get annoyed with getting them information and/or trying their different ideas. 


This is partially ranting, but would also love any help if people have it.  I personally think it's the backend Arlo system because, as I mentioned, this isn't specific to a camera, device, or wifi network.

Model: Arlo Q Plus Security Camera with Audio|Ethernet|PoE VMC3040S
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I seem to remember something about the network band making a difference. Have you tried 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz?