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Hi together,


just received my Arlo Q some days ago - and so far, I find it quite good, especiall compared to other more expensive solutions on the market.


One thing, that is mentioned here often - and which I have to confirm - is indeed the unreliable implementation of geofencing. It does not reliably recognize the phone leaving or returning home... 😞


Is there a option to not use GPS on the phone to detect, but the fact, that a mobile is in the same WiFi network than the Arlo determine the @ home status? That way you could also activate the Arlo by disabling the WiFi on phone, when it stays at home eg upon going for a run...


Thanks and kind regards


Guru Guru

No... the GEo zone can use gps only ( not the same wifi sytem ).

Usu it works quite well with one phone...most issues come from multi phones. 


Can recommend you maybe enlarge you geo circle a bit and make sure the phone isn't using battery saving options on the app and gps.

Morse is faster than texting!

It would be great if there was a network check for geofencing detection, as it's currently like playing Russian Roulette. Sometimes it's fine othertimes it flips between home and away for no reason. I restart the app, it immediately detects home and then a minute or so later suddenly switches away again. When it does this, I can go into the geofencing configuration and see I'm smack in the middle of my "home zone", but the device state is "not in zone". So frustrating!