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Geofencing is not working with Arlo Q

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Geofencing used to work for my Arlo Qs,  as recently as a few weeks ago.  I contacted Arlo support, and they told me that only base-station connected cameras can be controlled by the geofencing mode.   I didn't think to ask about when this policy changed, and why?  Does anyone know the answers to these two questions.  Cynically (and wastefully) I think it is a deiberate decision by Arlo to force upgrades to Arlo Essential Indoors, which can connect to a base station.  I'm just considering switching to another brand, after being a customer since 2016, since I don't appreciate or tolerate manipulation of this sort.  I pay a monthly fee for Arlo Secure, so Arlo gets ongoing revenue from me, and eventually I would probably have upgraded my outdoor cameras.

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  • Dannybear


    This article says that geofencing is supported on the Q (the VMC4030 is listed at the top):

    The article was recently updated (June 2022), so I am thinking that you were given wrong information by support. 


    You are likely correct as the hyperlink for the arlo Q’s VMC3040 in the article goes to an error page, which could be the reason the arlo tech said the Q is no longer supported for geofencing.

    The base station only supports issue may have been some added spice to the reason given.

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I was emailed as well but have not responded.  I'll be very interested to see you're final results. Keep us updated. Thank you.