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Yesterday I have five cameras working on my system with no subscription. A happy customer.

Today I received my new Arlo Q. So now I need to buy a $9.95/month subscription to do 24/7 recording, fine, I can do that.

But do I also need to buy an additional $9.95/month subscription to have more then 5 cameras?

So now my punishment in purchasing the Arlo Q is an additional $9.95/month penalty on my old system to add the Q! A new  $9.95/month penalty that I did not suffer before buying your new camera. 

Please tell me this is not the case. Do I need to pay $19.98/ month to add the Arlo Q to my five cameras?

I top of that, I can’t even log in to the Arlo system to register my new camera. The password reset system is completely broken. 

The whole rollout is not going well for this customer. Very disappointed. 


Community Manager
Community Manager



With the recent changes we have given our customers the flexibility to configure the Arlo smart home system to best suit their specific needs. For example: you can have one R7000 with 2 cameras, a Base Station with 2 cameras and an Arlo Q without CVR and still have the Basic Free Plan. This allows customers to use the Arlo Q as an event (motion detection) based powered camera. If you have 5 Arlo wire-free cameras and an Arlo Q camera there are two options to select from. If you do not need CVR capabilities you could simply upgrade to Premier which supports up to 10 event based cameras (mix and match). Alternatively, you can purchase a CVR plan that supports the use of your Arlo Q camera while the original Arlo wire-free cameras remain on the free Basic plan.


Essentially, adding the CVR will allow the use of your 6th camera while remaining on the Basic Plan.


Due to the many recent changes I understand that there may be some confusion. I hope this clears some of that up and please let me know if you have any additional questions!




Clear as mud. So if you have 5 cameras and add the Arlo Q you have to pay a monthly subscription no matter what? Even though the Arlo Q advertises free monitoring. I have five cameras and would have bought more cameras including the Arlo Q but I'm not paying a monthly subscription. I bought 3 indoor Blink cameras for the cost of one Arlo Q. You lost me Netgear. Loosen up on the number of cameras you can have under the free plan and allow local recording through usb and I'll buy more cameras.

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