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Daily error: "Internet connection is lost. Geofencing in Arlo is unavailable at the moment."

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oneMadRssn Tutor

I've been getting an "Internet connection is lost. Geofencing in Arlo is unavailable at the moment." error every day, at least 4 times per day. And then of course, Geofencing is not working. This error occurs on WiFi at home (RCN, using DNS), on cellular (AT&T), on WiFi at work. In the iOS app.


Can Netgear not go a single month with geofencing working without issue? My confidence in the brand is seriously tanking. I was considering upgrading my WiFi to use the Netgear Orbi, but no way, I am not buying anything Netgear until they get their software sitution straightned out.



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JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Are you using an Android or iOS device? What do you have to do to recover when you see this error message?



oneMadRssn Tutor

@JamesC As stated in the OP, I am using an iOS device. I swipe the error away, and wait a few hours until it works again. Until it doesn't again.

Bcon81 Initiate
Same issues, same error message and Geofencing not working correctly. Started happening with the last IOS app update.
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Mattjenna Tutor
I have exactly the same problem. Geofencing routinely does not work as I receive the ‘Internet connection is lost error’. The way for me to correct is to log into the Arlo App on my iOS device.
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