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BUG REPORT: Cannot save "do nothing" activity mode option for Q

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Small bug report:


For my regular wireless Arlos, I can choose "do nothing" as an action within a mode and save it.


For the Q, I *can* see the "do nothing" option in the menu (along with "record" and "take snapshot", but when I chose it, the "save" button will *NOT* turn green, so I cannot save this option. 




This is an issue because I want to use my Qs a a babyphone, so all I care about is live viewing, NOT recording anything, so I'd like to actually use this option. 


Otherwise, my log will just fill up with recordings on every movement...

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I just tested this on the web access via pc and had no problem with saving the DO NOTHING mode.  It saved just as the other two options.

The only time the SAVE button was grayed out was when I tried to save the same option as currently saved.


SO, it may be a specific issue under only certain conditions/devices... If really concerned, try a power button reboot of the base and re-test.


As to the log filling up, just in case your unaware, yes there will be more in the library, but there is no limit on storage amount as videos are only by days of service level.

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Well, it's a Q camera so no base but the same strategy could work by pulling the plug on the camera or using the Restart button in Settings, My Devices and restarting.

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When creating a rule for your cameras, that rule must do "something". The "do nothing" option only refers to the recording segment of the rule.


So if you have set the Arlo Q to "do nothing" upon detecting motion, you must at the least have send "push notifications" or "email alert" enabled. Otherwise, the entire rule does not need to exist as disarming this camera will accomplish the same goal. (the rule would instruct the camera to detect motion and take no action)


So in short, if you have a rule that states if motion is detected "do nothing", you must have push notifications or email alerts enabled for that rule in order to save. In your scenario (using the camera only for live view), it sounds like you may want to set the camera to the "Disarmed" mode.


I hope this helps, please let me know if you need additional clarification,