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ArloQ + CVR stopped recording to Library

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Hi ShayneS,

If you have read all of the post you will see that’s been tried and it’s not the fix.  The issue arrived after Arlo introduced the new features which include Vehicle, package and animal detection.  By disabling these new features (but keeping the original people) on the CVR subscription camera, this fixes the issues of the camera not recording or sending messages.  Ironically, if you enter an email address on the notifications for the CVR camera (security mode settings), although you will not receive an app notification for vehicles and animals, you will get the email for them and they will be recorded along with everything else.  The problem is clearly not the camera, but it’s the new features.  The software was not thoroughly tested with the CVR subscription.  Just so you know, I have a 5-camera system which was close to $1000 and since I’ve only had the system for just a couple of months, I was going to return it, that’s how frustrating the issue is.  Also, your support is horrible.  Your phone support wait times run between 30 minutes to an hour wait before talking to a tech support person.  That’s ridiculous.  The Chat support is just as bad.  Additionally, it’s shocking how long the response time to fix this issue has taken.  After nearly a month of the CVR being broken there is no resolution; do you even know it’s not working?  Lastly, I realize that the issue is not your fault and I appreciate you taking the time to check on your forum post, but my issue is that I am a software engineer and I test all my software before deploying it to production and I expect your company to do the same.  Likewise, if I know of a bug it gets fixed without delay.  Arlo thus far has been totally lacking in support.  Best regards.

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Seriously! Not only have I wasted more time than I care to, but was forced to go through all the steps again, as I had done multiple times before, in order to satisfy your help desk before she would elevate the issue to the next support level. 

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Same her with Pro 2s. Playing around today I set my garage camera (cvr) to trigger two other cameras to record when it was activated. The only one that posted to the library was the non cvr battery powered camera. All were set to smart notification but I’ve deactivated now and reset the base station. Triggered the garage camera got a notification for the first time in ages and all threes recorded to the library. Thabks everyone on here for saving me from having to speak to tech support.

Hey, here's how to sort it out (as obviously ARLO have gone back and cancelled all previous "moves").


1. In your web browser go to


2. Click on the "settings" tile (forth from left, looks like a machine "cog")


3. Scroll down - on the left hand pane, there is a section called "Manage Arlo Smart" (NEW)  (Setup)


4. Click on that


5. Your Cameras will be all (probably) in the top "Active" section


6. Drag each camera one by one to "Inactive" -save settings each time.