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Arlo q - reconnect - why is QR code required?

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I have two Arlo q at one location remote from where I live on the same network.


Camera 1 is a warranty replacement from Netgear. Both have fair WiFi signal (get two bars) but other WiFi devices at same location have excellent signal.


Recently camera 2 became disconnected from network. I had a look at reconnecting with my WiFi credentials but was also required to enter go through the qr code process. I can’t do this remotely and given it’s not the camera I’m most interested in, decided to give up until I next visit the property. 


However, a couple of days later I logged back on to find camera 2 had reconnected *on its own* without the qr code process. Camera 1, the important one, had disconnected during this time! 


So my questions are:

1) if a camera can reconnect without a qr code on its own, why is the qr code process required for reconnection? 

2) why does a security system that provides ‘anywhere in world viewing’ and where people would reasonably be expected to be at a remote location from the camera rely on a connection process that requires you to physically be where the camera is? How does this work for cameras mounted high up or in difficulet access locations?

3) how did camera 2 reconnect on its own?

4) how can I/can I get camera 1 to reconnect with no qr code?

Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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1) the qr code isn't required all the time if not reset...a power issue outage and the power comes back the cam should resync aautomaticly if wifi is available 

2) as above

3) same 

4) if you are far away and the location is remote, you have two options

a) a ups for the Q

b) a wemo type wifi switch so you can toggle the power off then on after your wifi comes should auto connect 


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IIRC the QR code gives the camera the credentials to log on to your wifi network. If the camera already has the details it needs, it should be able to reconnect without going through the reconnect process. It may just need a power cycle.

I guess the question is why did these cameras lose their connection? Perhaps some wifi interference? Do you know if your modem/router went offline for any period of time? Are the cameras too far away from your router and you'd benefit from a wifi range extender or a mesh router system in that location?


Thanks for the replies.

I don't doubt that a stronger wifi signal would help. However, I don't think it should be needed. As in many cases on this community, I have an expectation that the arlo cameras should perform well as other modern wifi devices do in my house. All my other devices work fine much further away from the router.

The main issue is that even if you accept the the poor wifi performance of the arlo cameras, the system should be designed with a failsafe that the camera never needs the QR code except on initial setup. No power cut or internet dropout should cause the situation where the camera needs you to physically be where the camera is. 

I'll look into the wemo wifi switch as a workaround but this is another example of my frustration and expense to get the product to work as it should. 

A visitor to my property helped reset the camera by power cycling it. This lasted for about a day, until one camera reported that it was disconnected - whilst another on the same network is fine.
This has become untenable and a WiFi wemo switch isn’t the solution. When it’s working , it’s great, but Arlo q is fundamentally flawed. Having a security camera that lets go of the network and can’t be restarted without help from third party products remotely is useless. Further, you can’t be immediately notified that it has become disconnected. Lastly, I’m paying for a cvr subscription that I can’t use because the camera isn’t connected.
Meanwhile I have no confidence or proof that my unhinged neighbour isn’t trespassing or interfering without property.
For the brief time that the cameras were both working well, I was enthusiastic about getting some Arlo pro 2 to provide more coverage at my property.
I have now all but decided to ditch the Arlo system and will look at either nest or a commercial security camera system. Chalk me up as another lost customer.
Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio