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Arlo Q - stuck on getting status

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bob3812 Follower

When I recently installed my Arlo Q, it was working fine.  I went away for a week and found the app on the phone was just indicating "getting status".   When I came home the camera was indicating it was too far from the router, then it was showing it was ok.  I moved it closer anyway and it seems to be recording everything but will not show a live stream.  I'm on the web on my desktop and it still indicates getting status.  I logged out and signed in and still the same.  Any recommendations?

Guru TomMac Guru

I think I would reset the camera and reinstall

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Guru jguerdat Guru

Prior to a factory reset, it's still possible that your connection has interference from another wireless source or is being blocked by walls, celings, pipes, ductwork, etc. Temproarily move you camera again to be in a totally different place and see if the problem still exists.  A power reset  of both the camera (open and close the battery door) and base (use the power switch) may be useful, too.


Edit - Oops - this is the Q section.  I keep doing that. Repositioning the camera significantly could still be useful prior to factory resetting.